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One of the biggest problems faced by men and women in present times is that of reluctance to seek help from others. Whether you are a newbie real estate agent or a student studying in college, you would find that there are times when you are clueless about how to proceed at a given task. People face stress and anxiety, but they are not willing to ask for help form others. It is quite natural to be overwhelmed in certain circumstances and situations. But rather than feeling stressed or hapless, it is a far better option to seek help from others.

Opportunity for you

Every human being needs help of others at one or the other point of his life. One should never feel guilty or ashamed of asking for help from others as it is quite a natural phenomenon. Many people ask for help without thinking twice as it comes naturally to them. But this is not the case with many other people who find it difficult to ask for a favor from others. These are the men and women who will continue to suffer physically and mentally but hesitate in asking for help. They have their own reasons for not asking help. Some of these are as follows.

  • They think they will appear stupid in front of others
  • They think they will appear stupid in front of others 
  • They have a very strong ego that comes in their way when they need to ask for help 
  • They think others will make fun of their abilities 
  • They fear being judged by others 
  • They do not know who to turn to when asking for help

It is clear from all these excuses that these people are only exhibiting natural qualities of human beings by not asking for help. History tells us that the most smart and successful people have been those who have taken help from others. They understood or realized that it is not possible for a human being to be good at everything he does. If one cannot do something very efficiently, it is always a good idea to do that task with the help of someone else. It is actually teamwork that allows organizations to achieve lofty goals. Success of all businesses can be attributed to help and coordination among the workforce rather than to the brilliance of any single man. Even the brightest and most successful of men and women have asked for help from others to reach their goals. Robert Kiyosaki once said that the biggest drawback in human beings is the inability to seek help.

You are stopped in your tracks by unknown fears

There are all sorts of fears doing rounds in the mind of an individual when he needs help but stops himself from doing so. He thinks he will appear as stupid or weak by the person who he asks for help. But the fact is that most people are generous and provide help without thinking anything along these lines. They feel good when helping others as it makes them feel good and important.

It is the duty of the people who can help others to make it clear that they love helping others. It can be done by being humble and by not degrading or demeaning others.

You will be surprised to know that people who are wise ask for help without any hesitation. They don’t feel embarrassed by the fact that they need others help. There are many others who want you to be successful. You are making these people feel good by asking for help.

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