Ways to Keep Rental Property From Tenant Damage

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The unashamed behavior of tenants, regarding the landlord’s rental property, isn’t something unheard or new. Here’s what you can do to prevent damage to your property at the hands of an irresponsible tenant.

Tenant Screening

Your property is your asset, it’s a significant investment, and you can let one tenant damage is beyond belief. So, make sure you have done thorough tenant screening. Their past conducts will tell you all about them and their responsible nature. Check references and make sure you have a word with their old landlords.

Security Deposit

The thing deposit is that the tenant always needs it back. If you ask for a high deposit, he will have to take care of the property so that he will get his money back. It’s a straightforward solution to a huge problem. It’s the protection against your property; this is your ultimate shielded that will keep your property from the harm and neglect of the tenant.

Maintenance To-Do List

You can always tell your tenants what you need them to do regarding the maintenance of the building or the apartment. But there is a huge chance that they might forget or ignore your request. You can make a to-do list of maintenance and attach it with the lease agreement, this will make this official, and the tenet will give it importance.


Almost all landlords know about fire alarms and smoke detectors; these gadgets save lives. But there are other sensors in the market than can save you from other potential damages. One of the biggest problems is moisture trapping in places with little or no traffic. The sensor will alert about even a minor leak, and you can get it repaired in time.

Professional Clean-out

If you want to keep your place spick and span, you will need to hire an expert. This might seem like a considerable expense, but it pays in the long run. Many tenants are gross, and they do leave behind, infestations, damage and hygiene issues. A professional clean-out yearly will help you get rid of all this, making your place the example of perfection.


If you think that educating your tenant to keep track of issues, maintenance and repair are all you can do to save your property, you are wrong. You can also get an occasional inspection as well. Tenants can be ignorant or irresponsible, as it’s not their property, but there is no excuse for you to be like them. Seasonal inspection can save you from a lot of trouble. It will also keep the tenant in line and make him realize that you are pretty strict about the damage against the property. Don’t take the tenant’s word for it, check it yourself and also take a professional for a proper report on matters.

Checking in on the Tenant and Property

You can have regular meetups with the tenant to keep a vigilant check on the property. Have this in your lease agreement as well that you will have such meet-ups to check on the well-being of the property. You can text, call or even go see your tenant to keep him on his toes about the maintenance of the property.

Amiable Relationship Between the Tenant and the Landlord

You can solve a great deal if you are on good terms with your tenant. The landlord, as well as the tenant, can benefit from the amicable relationship between them. You don’t always have to show authority. If you want to keep a long term relationship with your tenant, communication is the key. Be upfront and polite with your tenant; make sure he knows that he can come to you with problems regarding the rental property. There is no need for blame game and no need to get aggressive either.

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