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If you are maintaining your property on yearly or half-yearly bases, why do you need seasonal maintenance? Well, for one thing, it keeps the property from deteriorating before time, and for another, it keeps your tenants safe.

A huge benefit of seasonal maintenance is the fact that it can save you thousands of dollars. As the famous saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. However, this summer is very different than all the other summers that we have had in the past. Due to social distancing, things are very different from what they used to be. The following are the measures that you can take to complete your list of seasonal maintenance while staying in the line of social distancing. Amid this CVOID-19 crisis, we have to be extremely careful with our daily tasks and seasonal tasks.

Summer Maintenance Checklist:

Here is a complete checklist of summer maintenance tasks that you should take care of to help your tenants enjoy the summer to the full. Always remember a happy tenant will be keener on renewing the tenancy agreement than an unhappy one. Keeping the property up to date is one way of keeping your tenants happy.

Pool Maintenance:

If you have a pool at your rental property, the chances are that it's always full to brim with tenants enjoying the summer season. However, the COIVD-19 may not allow us to enjoy the summer as we did in the past. But that doesn't mean that you can slack off the maintenance of the poolside areas as well as the pool itself. Introduce timing to use the pool area with all social distancing as well as COVID-19 precautions.

The first thing is to get the pool cleaned and filled; the second is to hire a lifeguard. If you don't have a lifeguard, make sure you have all the appropriate signs to warn the tenants about the dangers of the poolside area. Safety signs are extremely important. Also, the poolside area should have a proper gate and lock. Always check if the lock and the entrance is in pristine condition.

Outdoor Facilities:

Almost all multi-unit rental properties have an outdoor facility area where all tenants can have some fun one a balmy summer night. Most tenants love to have BBQ on such nights. But it would be a poor lookout if the grill runs out of fuel between burger flips or the BBQ grill is too rusty to be used safely. If you are charging your tenants for the outdoor facilities, make sure that they get the full benefit of the fees they are paying.

Pro Tip: The best way to tackle this is to have a seasonal checklist of all the maintenance tasks. 

As every season is different, the maintenance tasks of each season also vary. Your list of summer should have the pool cleaning; Grill maintenance, AC repair as well as adjusting the irrigation system and related tasks.


You can seriously save on water bills if you act smart. Timely servicing can save you big, it will also reduce landscape damage and decrease standing water issue. Programing your sprinkles to summer settings will keep your property's landscaping, and gardens look lush and fresh; it will also control over-watering, which helps save on water bills.


Like water, high temperatures can cause a lot of damage if your property isn't ready for the heat. Ensure that all fire dangers are removed, and the trees and the bushes are trimmed. Also, remove any dead plants and leaves from your property as they are prone to catching fire when the temperature rises in summer. A revision of local laws regarding fire extinguisher requirements for landlords won't hurt too.

Air Conditioner Maintenance:

Air Conditioning is one area that should be on your priority list when summer arrives. Hire a professional to service and keep the A/C units running smoothly all around the year. Your handyman should also know how to check the units, adjust dampers as well as clean coils; he should also know how to look for other potential problems that can result in significant issues later. Keeping the AC and heating units adequately maintained can increase their lifespan.

Other Amenities And Summer Accessories:

Mostly all multifamily renters love to spend their time outdoors in areas provided by the landlord. The park, the tracks, as well as the small sitting area, are mostly all renters' favorite places to hang in the evening. Most landlords provide picnic tables, deck chairs as well as an outdoor coffee table for their renters. So, your summer checklist should have this under maintenance category as well.

Summer Rule Reminder:

Tenants are all for enjoying the summers to the full; however, as a landlord, it is your responsibility as well as the authority to remind them of the rules of the rental property. This list of rules should include the complex's quiet hours as well as regulations regarding using the pool, grills, and all other community amenities. Highlight the social distancing and all COVID-19 precautionary measures in this reminder as well.

Lastly, make sure you are updated on the summer-related State and Local Requirements. All states have different laws and regulations, and ignoring or breaking any of those laws can result in a nasty lawsuit from the tenants or a hefty fine from the state.

Summer is also the best time for contract and tenancy agreement renewals. Remind the tenants that you will be holding a BBQ or pool party or any other such community events. Also mention that there will be renewal incentives too. Summer keeps tenant's spirits high, and it's the best time to get the renewals in your favor.


Many areas have restrictions on using the community gathering areas like BBQ, picnic area, and poolside. If your area comes under these restrictions, make sure that you are prioritizing your maintenance tasks correctly. If you are unable to host a community gathering physically, hold one virtually and make it a traditional online thing, you can play games and have all sorts of activities in such virtual handouts.

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